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About Us

Seattle Women’s: Health, Research, Gynecology

Seattle Women’s Health, Research, Gynecology® is dedicated to providing exemplary health care for women of all ages. We offer a unique practice that integrates preventative care and medical treatment in addition to cutting-edge research. Our approach creates a standard of excellence in the specialized care of women. The office is led by Robin Kroll, MD, a recognized leader in women’s healthcare and research.

Women's Health Care Seattle Women’s: Health, Research, Gynecology

Women’s Health & Gynecology

We provide general and preventative gynecologic care for every stage of life. Services include routine exams and pap smears, contraception services and counseling, menstrual problems, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, and various other women’s health conditions. We also have focused expertise in menopause, sexual dysfunction, and vulvar disorders. See our complete list of services here.

Women's Health Clinical Research Seattle Women’s Health, Research, Gynecology


Seattle Women’s is clinical research site specializing in women’s health needs. Our research involves observation of healthy women, preventative care, or treatment of disorders with investigational or established interventions. Taking part in research provides women with a unique opportunity to contribute to new and better ways to maintain good health and to treat disorders. Learn about participating in research and the current studies we are recruiting for.

Common research topics include:

  • Birth control
  • Hot flashes
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovulation
  • Bladder control
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Heavy/painful periods
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Osteoporosis
  • STI’s