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Patient Info

Seattle Women’s will be closing our Gynecology practice on August 31, 2020.

We will operate exclusively as a Clinical Research Center and none of our physicians will be providing medical care to patients outside of our research studies.

Annual Exams & RX Refills

If you are due or overdue for an annual exam please call our office for an appointment at your earliest convenience. We are available for in-person and virtual appointments until August 31, 2020. Please check with your pharmacy to be sure any ongoing prescriptions have adequate refills as we will be unavailable and unable to refill your medications after August 31, 2020.

Medical Records

To facilitate a smooth transfer of care, we ask that you have your new gynecologist or primary care provider request records on your behalf. If you are planning on transferring your care to Virginia Mason, there is no action needed from you. Your medical records will be available from our office until August 31, 2020. After that time, records will be maintained at Virginia Mason Medical Center and they will provide security and privacy of your records according to state and federal law. Should you need your records after August 31, 2020, please contact Virginia Mason Release of Information at (206) 223-6975 or online at

Transfer of Care

It is important for you to find a new gynecologist to assume your care. I encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience to ensure a smooth transition. Dr. Kroll is pleased to inform you that Virginia Mason’s Division of Gynecology will be available to assume your Gynecologic care.

Dr. Linda Mihalov and her team will be available to you should you choose to receive continuing care there. Dr. Kroll has worked closely with Dr. Mihalov for many years. She is not only a skilled Gynecologic Surgeon, but also a certified menopause specialist and one of “Seattle’s Best Doctors”. Dr. Mihalov and her colleagues have provided surgical and hospital care for our patients for many years and Dr. Kroll can personally attest to their high level of expertise.

They plan to be available at their University Village facility. To schedule an appointment at Virginia Mason, please call 206-223-6191 or visit them online at


Call 206-522-3330 and we will be happy to help you.